Cat Memorials


Gus Gus – was 14 years old – he passed away on Remembrance Day 2010 (11 Nov) – he was a great cat – he loved everyone and everyone loved him. He was a laid back fat cat – loved to relax in sun. He was always there for me – never judged – always there with some lovin’ for his mama. He was my husband Shawn’s best friend – from the moment they met 8 years ago they were the best of friends – Gus just fell in love. He will be missed very much – our house is just not the same. Thank you.Angela, Shawn and little brother Scooter


Jewel and Jinx

Jewel – my wonderful lilac point Siamese – passed away this year on the first day of summer – June 21st – she was born November 21, 1998 and was a wonderful companion to myself and to Jinx.


Reilly was a 6yr old rescue that found me in 2000. She had been removed from the home of a hoarder that had more than 60 cats. There she was, sitting stoic in a cage at Petsmart, as if she was waiting, a deposed princess, baffled by what life had delivered. As with many pet relationships, I knew as soon as I saw her, she was mine come hell or high water.Reilly’s first year with me was riddled with medical issues too numerous to count. Each time I put her in the car to go to the vet, I would sing to her and promise that I would always bring her home.In time Reilly became a ‘cat’ again…purring, playing and sleeping with abandon. In many respects, she was like a dog. She would greet people at the door and sit next to the kids on the floor as if part of their inner circle, waiting for something magical to happen.I had 12 beautiful years with this lovely sweet cat. She was ethereal and full of grace. Her coat had an angora quality. She rarely spoke, but would sit and stare until you provided a treat or engage in play. She had chubby short legs and the sound of her walking is one of the things I miss most… thump thump thump..

In the end, kidney disease and lymphoma took her on Oct 19, 2012.

I sang to her in her last minutes with me, and brought her home in an urn befitting of her beauty.

She was such a gift to all that knew her… my heart is still broken.